New Product Blueprinting
Front-end innovation for B2B organic growth

Online team training with TEAM e-MMERSION®

Now even a single project team can cost-effectively master Blueprinting—using the most advanced learning method available. TEAM e-MMERSION is a self-paced, just-in-time training method that effectively adds a certified Blueprinting coach to your team. Your coach helps your team learn Blueprinting practices while advancing your project... leading you in a web-conference every 1 to 3 weeks. Between each meeting, trainees go online to take several of the 31 self-paced online modules. Because TEAM e-MMERSION is 100% digital, single global teams can now cost-effectively learn Blueprinting.

12 Coached sessions

Led by a certified Blueprinting coach, these 2-hour web conferences help your team apply New Product Blueprinting to your project. The coach reviews team progress, provides guidance on issues and questions, helps the team plan next Blueprinting steps, and gives the team a “learning” and "doing" assignment for the next web-conference.

31 Self-paced online modules

Each of the 15-30 minute modules provides comprehensive training on topics like interview logistics, probing, customer tours, etc. These new skills are reinforced through more than 100 role-playing video examples and simulations. Because these are self-paced, team members can review them as much as needed to fully absorb the material.

Software and job aids

Each trainee receives a license for Blueprinter® software. (Learners receive Excel-based Blueprinter 4.0 for all 7 Blueprinting steps, and new cloud-enabled Blueprinter 5.0 for Step 2—Discovery interviews.) Blueprinter lets teams both impress and engage customers at a whole new level. The job aids are 1-2 page “cheat sheets” (available in 9 languages) that help teams conduct secondary research, convince customers to do an interview, learn more on a customer tour, debrief after interviews, and more.

Blueprinting Log

At the beginning of TEAM e-MMERSION, each team member receives a hard-copy “Starter Kit” with Blueprinting Log, Blueprinter software, 15 job aids and New Product Blueprinting book by Dan Adams. The Blueprinting Log contains all the key slides from the 31 online modules so learners can take notes and answer review questions. Both this Log and all job aids are also downloadable in a digital form.

A sampling of what you’ll learn in TEAM e-MMERSION


See how online training, web-conference coaching and Blueprinter software all come together to help your team create a winning new product.

Discovery Interviews

Watch a video of the Discovery interview pioneered by AIM, learn the 5 parts of these qualitative interviews, and see our suggested interview timeline.

Preference Interviews

View a video example of our quantitative Preference interviews. Learn how AIM's Market Satisfaction Gaps are calculated... so you can develop the right product.

Customer Tours

Learn the 3 goals for customer tours, watch a customer tour video, and hear about AIM's novel AMUSE tour methodology.

Trigger Methods

See how AIM’s trigger maps help customers break out of mental ruts... and watch a video example of the “Benefits Map” being used.

Value Calculators

Explore AIM’s methodology for effective pricing of new products, including its value calculator template and CARE model.

Secondary Market Research

View our “shopping list” for secondary research, and take a peek at the rich market research resources AIM’s training provides.

Talk to an AIM expert to learn more

To learn more, contact us for a free 1-hour private web-conference. Be sure to ask about TEAM e-MMERSION if your company would like to “take over” the coaching duties from AIM. We can certify your employees to coach Blueprinting via TEAM e-MMERSION... so you can cost-effectively adopt Blueprinting practices through your organization.

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