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New Product Development Public Workshops

Since 2005, thousands have learned New Product Blueprinting one way: Their company hosted an in-house workshop. Now you can attend a public workshop taught by The AIM Institute’s founder, Dan Adams, and The AIM Institute staff.

There’s no better way to see if New Product Blueprinting is right for your company than this fast-paced workshop with other B2B companies. If you’ve wondered why New Product Blueprinting is becoming the standard for the front-end of B2B innovation… this is your chance to learn why!

Site of New Product Blueprinting Public Workshop in Cambridge, UK - Clare College, University of Cambridge

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Stay an extra day for the LaunchStar® product launch workshop in Atlanta on Apr 12, 2018!

Who should attend?

Blueprinting teams are multi-functional, so marketing, product management, technical, sales, and leadership typically attend. For this public workshop, three types of businesses benefit…


You’re interested in Blueprinting, but before hosting an in-house workshop, you want to “check it out.”


You’ve hosted past in-house Blueprinting workshops… and now have a few additional people you need to “catch up.”


You received training in 2005- 2010, and want to learn what’s new & improved. (Hint… more than you can imagine!)

What will you learn?

You’ll receive all the software, e-learning and job aids that in-house workshop learners receive (see below). At the end of the two days, you’ll be able to use your new listening, probing and interview skills to conduct qualitative Discovery interviews.

Beyond this, you’ll develop a working knowledge of the remaining Blueprinting steps, with an emphasis on quantitative Preference interviews and their analysis.

What will you take home?

You’ll receive the “Blueprinting Starter Kit” with everything that in-house workshop learners get:

  • Excel-based Blueprinter® 4.0 software
  • 12-month access to 31 e-learning modules
  • Hardcover book
  • Blueprinting log (with >200 slides)
  • 15 Job aids

With these materials ($1995 value) you can begin conducting Discovery interviews right away. And the 31 in-depth e-learning modules will provide deep insights long after the workshop is over.

Bonus: At no extra cost, you’ll receive 12-month access to the Discovery interview portion of AIM’s new cloud-enabled Blueprinter 5.0. This interface is more intuitive & exciting, and allows you to easily collaborate with team-mates. No more emailing Excel files! Use it to impress customers… and colleagues already trained in Blueprinting.

What practical skills will you gain?

You can’t master the entire Blueprinting process in 2 days. But you can do enough interview role-playing practice to conduct great Discovery interviews afterwards. Here’s what you’ll learn… at the same depth as in-house workshop learners:

  • Interviewing fundamentals (# of interviews, etc.)
  • How to interview down the value chain
  • Practice in Moderator, Note-taker & Observer roles
  • Note-taking with Blueprinter software & projector
  • Adjusting for global cultural differences
  • Using the PEAR method to improve listening skills
  • How to ensure interviews are customer-led
  • Transitioning between the 5 parts of Discovery
  • 6 tools for getting customers to agree to interviews
  • How to address common objections to interviews
  • How to interview in unfamiliar markets
  • Practice in applying advanced probing skills
  • Role-play interview with What-and-Why probing
  • AMUSE method for B2B customer tours
  • How to conduct interviews in non-English languages
  • Identifying Outcomes, Solutions & Background
  • How to create Outcome Statements1
  • Identifying Top Picks and Must-Haves
  • Using 3 Trigger maps in Blueprinter software
  • How to debrief after a Discovery interview
  • Using web-conferences to conduct remote interviews
  • Using AIM job aids: Quick-Start Card, Tour Log, etc.
1 Outcome Statements were pioneered by the Strategyn Institute

What else will you learn?

There is a great deal more to New Product Blueprinting than Discovery interviews. While you can’t master the remaining Blueprinting steps in a 2-day workshop, you can learn about them. And after the workshop, you can view the 31 e-learning modules—with over 100 videos—to “go deeper” on these Blueprinting steps.

  • 5 Advantages of B2B over B2C… and why they matter
  • What B2B businesses are getting very wrong today
  • How Blueprinting fits with your stage-and-gate process
  • Conducting Preference interviews with Blueprinter
  • Analyzing Market Satisfaction Gaps
  • Weighting & sub-segmenting B2B markets in Blueprinter
  • Using 8 Blueprinter charts to develop a product strategy
  • Secondary market research tips & Research Flow Chart
  • Using Blueprinter to select attractive market segments
  • Boosting teamwork with Kirton Adaption-Innovation
  • Using AIM’s value calculator to set new-product pricing
  • How to data-mine Discovery interviews for TPs and MHs
  • Using the Outside-In score to predict market reaction
  • The unique Blueprinting approach to side-by-side testing
  • 6 Rules for managing competitive test data
  • Creating a multi-generation new product roadmap
  • Technology-development vs. product development
  • 4 Steps to technical brainstorming using Blueprinter
  • Brainstorm triggers, e.g. “Reverse Hidden Assumptions”
  • Converging brainstorms with Blueprinter Sorting Matrix
  • 12 Sections of a business case created with Blueprinter
  • Over 60 challenges from the Business Case Scorecard
  • When to plan your product launch (intro to LaunchStar®)
  • Blueprinting tools to track progress and drive success

What won’t this public workshop do for you?

At The AIM Institute, our passion goes beyond B2B voice-of-customer methods. It’s for transforming businesses into organic growth juggernauts. Sorry to say, but a single workshop can’t do this. Our typical in-house engagements last a year and include a second workshop, monthly follow-up web-conferences, tracking tools, coaching, engagement by business leadership, and more. (If you do need to drive a real project—without help from previously-trained colleagues—AIM Coaching is available after the workshop at added cost.)

But this workshop will let you… begin conducting Discovery interviews… learn if Blueprinting is right for your business… “catch up” to colleagues who have been trained in Blueprinting… or learn what’s been added since your business was trained.

How can I “look closer” before registering?

Download our e-book, Reinventing VOC for B2B. This 32-page e-book contains links to videos to help you better understand New Product Blueprinting.

Check out some 4-minute video excerpts from the 31 e-learning modules… at this page covering our online training, TEAM e-MMERSION®.

Set up a free consultation to learn more and “take a tour” of software, e-learning, etc.

Are discounts available?

Yes! There are discounts provided for each workshop based on how early you sign up. Find the workshop you want to attend in the upcoming workshops list below to get the best discount available. Please be advised that the maximum attendance at our workshops is 25—so you may want to register early for more reasons than just the discount!

All upcoming workshops

  • April 10-11, 20181 - Atlanta, GA, USA -
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  • May 16-17, 2018 - Cambridge, UK -
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Site of New Product Blueprinting Public Workshop in Atlanta, GA - Georgia Tech Global Learning Center

Site of April 2018 Public Workshop - Atlanta, GA - Georgia Tech Global Learning Center

1. Stay an extra day for the LaunchStar product launch workshop in Atlanta.