New Product Blueprinting
Front-end innovation for B2B organic growth

In-house blended New Product Blueprinting and Voice of The Customer Training Workshops

With AIM’s blended workshop training, your technical and commercial people will master New Product Blueprinting - a seamless process that combines the best practices of up-front B2B new product development. We also provide software support (both Excel-based Blueprinter 4.0 and cloud-enabled Blueprinter 5.0) to help your teams transform what they learn into a blockbuster new product. Watch our Blueprinting video to understand our approach to blended workshops and training.

We come to you

If you want to move your organization to a new level, you need a critical mass of people armed with new skills. AIM brings the workshop to you, training up to 30 people in a 2-day workshop followed by a 1-day workshop 3-4 months later. These workshops provide an excellent “kick-off” to the 9-12 month comprehensive training program.

Real Teams, Real Projects

During the voice of customer training workshops, participants work as teams in breakout sessions so they can apply what they’ve just learned… to their own projects. Teams learn new B-to-B methods to hear the voice-of-the-customer (VOC), with in-depth instruction, role-playing and coaching in advanced listening and probing skills.

Tools that make you a pro

This is unlike any classroom you’ve attended before. Each learner receives a “starter kit” loaded with tools to use an entire career… software for interviewing, job aids for setting up interviews, customer tour checklists, value calculators, tips for refining business cases, etc.… plus access to 31 e-learning modules. An unparalleled toolkit to master the front-end of innovation.

The 4 types of learning included in our blended workshops

Blended voice of customer workshop training is for 20-30 people in multiple teams. It uniquely integrates 4 different types of learning while letting teams work on real projects:

2-Day workshop followed by a 1-day workshop

In this highly interactive classroom training, your teams work on real projects and practice all the skills they’re learning, e.g. interviewing, listening, probing, and more. Several coached break-out sessions let teams role-play to cement new techniques... while a coach provides feedback and advice on improving their skills.

Monthly web-conferences with a coach

Led by a certified Blueprinting coach, these 2-hour web conferences assemble all the workshop teams to review progress, discuss key learnings, and plan next steps. Since each team hears the questions and follows the progress of other teams, they learn from each others’ successes and struggles. Together, they’ll also get valuable new product design and development advice from their coach.

31 Self-paced 15-30 minute online modules

Each of the 31 modules does a deep-dive into the subjects initially covered in the workshops. Topics such as interview set-up, customer tours, and web-conference interviewing are reinforced and explored more fully through over 100 role-playing videos and simulations. Because these are self-paced, team members can review them often to fully absorb the material.

Blueprinter software and job aids

Each trainee receives a license for Blueprinter software that guides them through all 7 steps of Blueprinting... including tools to make interviews more powerful and engaging. Excel-based Blueprinter 4.0 covers all 7 steps and cloud-enabled Blueprinter 5.0 currently covers Step 2—Discovery interviews. The job aids are 1-2 page “cheat sheets” (available in 9 languages). These product development tools and aids help teams... conduct secondary research... convince customers to do an interview... plan a customer tour... debrief after interviews, and more.

A sampling of what is taught in the workshops

Secondary Market Research

  • Using global secondary market research tools
  • How to find & engage retired industry experts
  • Using Research Sheets to capture key data

Market Segmentation

  • 7 Project scoping guidelines
  • How to screen segments for attractiveness
  • Creating & evaluating a segment portfolio

Planning Customer Interviews

  • Group vs. individual interviews...& how many
  • The best companies & contacts to interview
  • Preparing your intro phone script and agenda

Improving Listening Skills

  • Important steps to becoming a better listener
  • Using the PEAR method to engage customers
  • Role-playing exercise to build listening skills

Advanced Probing Skills

  • Moderator, note-taker and observer roles
  • Converting background/solutions to outcomes
  • The science of creating Outcome Statements

Conducting Discovery Interviews

  • Developing Discovery interview questions
  • Role-playing exercise for Discovery interviews
  • Three trigger maps to generate more ideas

Debriefing after Interviews

  • The Forgetting Curve... why speed matters
  • Where & how to conduct debriefing sessions
  • Capturing the site tour in a digital flow chart

Conducting Preference Interviews

  • 5 Questions you absolutely must ask
  • Importance & satisfaction ratings for outcomes
  • Role-playing exercise: Preference Interviews

Side-by-Side Competitive Testing

  • Designing against competitors' weak spots
  • How to select the ideal test procedures
  • Creating the Outside-In competitive score

Setting New Product Objectives

  • 6 Visual tools for analyzing your data
  • Linking competitive test data & interview data
  • Calculating Market Satisfaction Gap

Brainstorming Technical Solutions

  • Sources of technology outside your company
  • High-impact internal brainstorming sessions
  • Sorting brainstorm ideas with a visual grid

Developing the Business Case

  • 12 Key elements of the successful case
  • Blueprinter generation of 4-page case
  • The business case checklist

KAI and Team Problem-Solving

  • The value of adaptive & innovative thinking
  • Interpreting each participant's KAI score
  • Using KAI to solve complex team problems

Customer Tours

  • Practical tips for effective tours
  • 3 Goals of customer tours
  • The AMUSE tour methodology & checklist

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