New Product Blueprinting
Front-end innovation for B2B organic growth

De-risk & accelerate your high-stakes projects

When you think of your high-stakes, market-facing innovation projects, do you have a sense of peace… a feeling of complete confidence? Or would you consider buying a small insurance policy to de-risk and accelerate some? The AIM Institute can show your teams how to do both… and maximize financial returns while they’re at it.

Project De-Risking


Right now your projects face landmines ready to blow up budgets, schedules and reputations. The only question is whether your teams will see them in time. After all, no one steps on a landmine they can see.

The AIM Institute has teamed up with Cameron Associates, creators of Discovery-Driven Planning, to offer a 2-day project de-risking workshop.

On Day 1, your team learns de-risking methods—Consumption Chain Mapping, FAQS Inventory, Certainty Mapping & CheckPoint Planning—using a simulation.

On Day 2 they’ll apply these to their project. The workshop ends with a clear plan to strip away uncertainty and boost success.

To learn more, read this 2-page workshop description, view the above video by Dan Adams, or download the white paper, Innovating in Unfamiliar Markets.

When you’re ready, contact us for a free 1-hour consultation to talk about your project, and how we might help.

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Project Acceleration

Since 2005, The AIM Institute has helped hundreds of teams move their projects forward using New Product Blueprinting. Time and again, we see companies pursuing too many projects with too few people… with project timelines bogging down as a result.

That’s a shame: Each month of delay typically costs the company tens of thousands of dollars in delayed profits.

The AIM Institute can help. When you add our coach to your team, good things happen…

  • The AIM Coach can assist with interviews, backfilling scarce resources.
  • Team members develop more advanced interviewing skills.
  • The team learns “acceleration tips” from the AIM Coach.
  • The AIM Coach maintains strong project momentum.
  • Delays—from project miss-scoping, confirmation bias, etc.—are avoided.

Could AIM help you accelerate your project?
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When working for a Fortune 100 company, he led a project team that developed one of their most successful new products. Scott has since helped dozens of teams succeed, sometimes saving them millions of dollars. He’s happy to share his experience in a private call with you.

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