New Product Blueprinting
Front-end innovation for B2B organic growth

AIM’s product development training has been proven by thousands in Fortune 100 companies

Core Training (Client-Specific): The AIM Institute offers two unique product development training programs in core New Product Blueprinting:

  1. In-house workshop training blends on-site workshops, self-paced e-learning, online follow-up coaching, software, and job aids for 20-30 people in multiple teams. This is our most popular training for business transformation…. when growth through innovation is the goal.
  2. Online team training (TEAM e-MMERSION®) is 100% online training & coaching for a single project team. Learners receive the same training and materials as above. Use this to drive project success one team at a time.

Core Training (Public Workshop): Want to train just a few people (not a workshop-full)… or just “check out” Blueprinting? Then our Blueprinting Public Workshop is for you. Two intensive, hands-on days of training in a dynamic setting with other companies… perfect for developing amazing B2B voice-of-the-customer skills for yourself, and ensuring your company isn’t left behind in the “science of B2B customer insight.”

Beyond Core Training: After core training, Blueprinting practitioners can attend a 2-day Advanced Skills workshop (in-house or public). Beyond this milestone, they can advance further with The AIM Institute’s Blue Belt and Black Belt certification. Blue Belts coach previously-trained teams, accelerating and boosting project success. Black Belts train new learners, using TEAM e-MMERSION.

Black Belt: Internal training by your black belts let you expand Blueprinting economically (without AIM trainers).
Blue Belt: Internal coaching by your Blue Belts boosts teams' speed & effectveness, driving new product results.
Advanced Skills: Interviewing skills are moved to a very high level, impressing customers & setting  your company apart.
Core Training: Business transformation occurs when employees gain unparalleled customer insight for innovation.

Your options at each mastery level…

You have more than one option for some mastery levels. For core training, for instance, you can a) attend a public workshops, b) train several project teams internally at a blended workshop, or c) train a single project team on a “just-in-time” basis.

  Blueprinting Mastery Level In-House Workshop Public Workshop Online Team Training

Black Belt

In-House Workshop: none available  Public Workshop: none available Online Team Training: Blue Belts become Black Belts by co-coaching 2 online teams with an AIM mentor. Then they can use AIM materials to train without AIM personnel.

Blue Belt

In-House Workshop: none available  Public Workshop: This 3-day training (sometimes offered immediately after Advanced Skills) gives your company internal coaching capabilities to drive growth. Online Team Training: none available 

Advanced Skills

(New Product Blueprinting)
In-House Workshop: This 2-day session (same as public workshop) takes interviewing skills to the next level, with 11 individual and group exercises. Ideal for key customer-facing individuals. Public Workshop: The 2-day Advanced Skills workshop is also offered to clients in-house. Consider this for training fewer than 10 learners. Online Team Training: none available 

Core Training

(New Product Blueprinting)
In-House Workshop: Use this to build B2B market-facing innovation skills while advancing 3-5 real projects. Our most popular training program for driving organic growth. Public Workshop: This 2-day public workshop is great for training just a few people or checking out Blueprinting. Online Team Training: Use this just-in-time training to drive success for a single project team. Since it’s 100% online, this is perfect for teams spread around the world.

Also… product launch training

New Product Blueprinting puts you ahead of the competition in the front-end of innovation. But many companies can also make enormous improvements in the way they launch their new products. The AIM Institute has developed the most advanced methods, training and software available to B2B companies for this. Check out our LaunchStar® training program.