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Blueprinter® 5.0… Moving to the cloud!


Because Blueprinter 5.0 cloud-enabled software resides on your computer, you won’t need an internet connection for customer interviews. But go online, and your entire team is automatically synchronized. No more emailing Excel® files! (Only Discovery Step 2 is available today.)

Blueprinter 5.0 cloud-enabled software for collaborative teamwork in New Product Blueprinting

Today, Discovery interviews can be completed in Blueprinter 5.0-Discovery. (Remaining 6 steps are in development.)

After a Discovery interview, export your results to Excel-Blueprinter 4.0 and finish your Blueprinting project.

What’s new in Blueprinter 5.0-Discovery?

Blueprinter 5.0 cloud-enabled software includes many new tools for Discovery interviews
Customers love the new Discovery interview interface in Blueprinter 5.0 cloud-enabled software
Blueprinter 5.0 cloud-enabled software lets you digitally project your trigger maps
  • Expand 6 tools for a logical work flow
  • Synchronize entire team’s work online
  • Store/share team xls, ppt, doc, PDF files
  • Create a Prep Sheet for each interview
  • View examples, instructions and tips
  • Pick from 40 generic Current State Q’s
  • Upload PowerPoint opening slides
  • Use default script for phone set-up calls
  • Create AMUSE customer tour chart
  • Impress with new sticky note display
  • Eliminate accidental navigation errors
  • Follow intuitive side-bar navigation
  • Quickly close, open and sort notes
  • Create many versions of Trigger Maps
  • Use built-in debriefing checklists
  • Quickly vote on and mark TPs & MHs
  • Display outcome statements
  • Display Trigger Maps while taking notes
  • Export sticky notes to Microsoft Word
  • Select from 5 views of sticky notes

Why switch from Excel- to cloud-enabled Blueprinter 5.0?

Already comfortable with Excel-based Blueprinter 4.0? Don’t worry: You can keep using it. But Blueprinter 5.0-Discovery is the first step toward a cloud-based approach with many advantages. Here are some benefits of using cloud-enabled Blueprinter 5.0 software…

  • Team Collaboration: Team members automatically synchronize their work… and can drag-and-drop xls, ppt, doc & pdf files to store & share.
  • Project Tracking: A business coordinator can have visibility into all relevant projects… without asking teams to email Excel attachments.
  • Improved Coaching: Blueprinting coaches can be invited to view teams’ projects online… again, without emailing Excel files.
  • Portfolio Analysis: Eventually, businesses will be able to extract key data from all projects for portfolio decisions based on common data.
  • Data-mining: Imagine being able to data-mine qualitative and quantitative data across an entire business or company.
  • Benchmarking: Your company can opt to upload “scrubbed” data and participate in benchmarking to learn cutting-edge best practices.
  • Corporate Memory: Your company will build a huge repository of detailed project data… and can even import old Excel Blueprinter data.

How can I check out Blueprinter 5.0?

Already trained in Blueprinting? If you now use Excel-based Blueprinter 4.0, you’re invited to a free 30-day trial. If your company has already made arrangements for multiple licenses, we’ll let you know this when you request your free trial.

For your free 30-day trial, please contact

New to New Product Blueprinting? You’re also invited to a free 30-day trial. Blueprinter software is part of a broader approach to B2B front-end innovation. Before your trial, we’ll give you a brief New Product Blueprinting orientation… so the software makes more sense to you.

For your free 30-day trial, please contact

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