New Product Blueprinting
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Blueprinter® 5.0… Moving to the cloud!


Because Blueprinter 5.0 stores data locally on your computer, you won’t need an internet connection for customer interviews. But go online, and your entire team is automatically synchronized. No more emailing Excel® files! (Only Discovery Step 2 is available today.)

Blueprinter 5.0 cloud-enabled software for collaborative teamwork in New Product Blueprinting

Today, Discovery interviews can be completed in Blueprinter 5.0-Discovery. (Remaining 6 steps are in development.)

After a Discovery interview, export your results to Excel-Blueprinter 4.0 and finish your Blueprinting project.

Update as of October 2017: New Web Portal

To use the new web portal for Blueprinter 5.0, simply logon to Just enter your email and password just as you would to sign on to your bank or favorite ecommerce site. You can plan and execute your interview just as before. And of course, you can still execute interviews offline. Learn more about the web portal – and see answers to some common questions in our October 2017 edition of Take AIM.

What’s in Blueprinter 5.0?

Blueprinter 5.0 cloud-enabled software includes many new tools for Discovery interviews
Customers love the new Discovery interview interface in Blueprinter 5.0 cloud-enabled software
Blueprinter 5.0 cloud-enabled software lets you digitally project your trigger maps
  • Expand 6 tools for a logical work flow
  • Synchronize entire team’s work online
  • Create a Prep Sheet for each interview
  • View examples, instructions and tips
  • Pick from 40 generic Current State Q’s
  • Use default script for phone set-up calls
  • Create AMUSE customer tour chart
  • Impress with new sticky note display
  • Eliminate accidental navigation errors
  • Follow intuitive side-bar navigation
  • Quickly close, open and sort notes
  • Create many versions of Trigger Maps
  • Use built-in debriefing checklists
  • Quickly vote on and mark TPs & MHs
  • Display outcome statements
  • Display Trigger Maps while taking notes
  • Export sticky notes to Microsoft Word
  • Select from 5 views of sticky notes

Why switch from Excel- to cloud-enabled Blueprinter 5.0?

Already comfortable with Excel-based Blueprinter 4.0? Don’t worry: You can keep using it. But Blueprinter 5.0-Discovery is the first step toward a cloud-based approach with many advantages. Here are some benefits:

  • Team Collaboration: Team members automatically synchronize their work reducing lost productivity when working across time zones.
  • Project Tracking: A business coordinator can have visibility into all relevant projects… without asking teams to email Excel attachments.
  • Corporate Memory:  Your company will build a huge repository of detailed project data. Projects can be accessed by team members and company leadership from any location.
  • Better Customer Experience: Your customers will be amazed at the professional image that you put forth when using this portal. They will feel heard, strengthening your relationship with them.

How can I check out Blueprinter 5.0?

Do you have the desktop version but haven’t accessed the web portal? Logon to using your email and password. If you can’t remember the password, use the “Forgot password” link.

*Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation