New Product Blueprinting
Front-end innovation for B2B organic growth

Blueprinter® 4.0... a toolbox to drive your projects forward

Blueprinter new product development software helps your new product development teams implement New Product Blueprinting. All project information is stored in a single place, as teams follow a proven roadmap and access powerful B2B tools for their front-end work.

Blueprinter 4.0 product shot

Blueprinter 4.0:

  • Learned quickly... with intuitive navigation (based on Microsoft® Excel®)
  • Customized to display your company name and logo
  • Lets teams focus on high-value activities like customer interviewing
  • Promotes a common process and language across your company
  • Builds customers' confidence with professional, engaging interviews

Not sold separately. Available as part of a complete training package. Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003 and later. Works with Windows® XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

*Microsoft, Excel, and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft.

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Blueprinter software step-by-step

Blueprinter new product development software contains all the tools needed for successful front-end innovation. For smaller projects, your team may just use one or two tools, but for major new products you’ll probably link all seven steps together. Since all project information is stored in one file, you'll drive effective teamwork and build corporate memory.

1 Market Research

Blueprinter is loaded with links to top market research websites and industry experts. It contains Research Sheets for recording your research findings and even building an industry value chain. The screening tool (shown) helps your team select the most attractive market segment to pursue with a new product design.

2 Discovery Interviews

Using a laptop and digital projector, you’ll record customer needs on “sticky notes” during this qualitative interview. Blueprinter also contains several Trigger Maps to stimulate more customer ideas. These ideas can then be moved around and sorted to isolate the customer’s most pressing unmet needs.

3 Preference Interviews

Next, you gather quantitative ratings on key customer needs. Needs that score high in Importance and low in current Satisfaction have high Market Satisfaction Gaps (MSG). A need with an MSG above 30% indicates strong market eagerness for improvement … a great candidate for your new product design.

4 Side-by-side Testing

Avoid getting blind-sided by competitors through side-by-side testing on the outcomes customers value the most. Outside-In Scores allow the supplier to understand how the market views his and competing products, and incorporates the customer’s preferred test methods and performance levels.

5 Product Objectives

Your team can now plan its new product design, using a wealth of outside-in customer and competitive data visually displayed by Blueprinter. In the example shown, the red line represents a “what-if” new product design relative to competitors, while the red column anticipates market acceptance of this new product.

6 Technical Brainstorming

Blueprinter contains a “sticky note” brainstorming tool that is 100% digital—great for web-conference ideation with global participants. It also contains a powerful digital sorting method, helping the team go from hundreds of ideas to a few favorites (those red blocks moved to the upper right in the sorting matrix shown).

7 Business Case

The final step is the creation of the Business Case… the justification for moving into the costly product development stage. Blueprinter has captured all the team’s work to-date. With some additional entries, a 4-page, 12-point business case is auto-generated. Two of 12 sections are shown here… Strategic Fit and Market Attractiveness.

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To learn more about Blueprinter 4.0, contact us and ask for a free, brief “at-your-desk” guided tour. We can acquaint you with not only this software, but our training options. Blueprinter software is not sold separately, since users should be trained in listening, probing interviewing and many other skills.

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