New Product Blueprinting
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Learn about the 4 Blueprinting Phases for New Product Development

New Product Blueprinting dramatically boosts new product success. These four phases help teams seamlessly move through the new product research process. Blueprinting phases help teams identify how to proceed before the costly development stage, and keep the process on track by:

Phase 1: Segment Your Markets

1. Segment your markets

Good segmentation helps you focus resources on markets that are winnable and worth winning. At AIM workshops, teams learn internet research skills and how to engage retired industry experts to scope out new markets. Using Blueprinter® software, each team compares possible market segments and selects a high-potential segment to pursue during and after the workshop.

Phase 2: Interview Your Customers

2. Interview your customers

To truly hear the “voice of the customer” (VOC) a team conducts customer tours and Discovery Interviews, generating scores of potential needs to pursue. A laptop, projector and Blueprinter software are used with powerful listening and probing skills. Later, the team conducts Preference Interviews to gather hard data about customer needs. See 10 Differences from Traditional VOC and watch a discovery interview in action.

Phase 3: Benchmark your competitors

3. Benchmark your competitors

In this phase, side-by-side testing is done to gauge competitive offerings. Unlike typical benchmarking, this is driven by interview data... using customers’ preferred test procedures, product outcomes and acceptability criteria. This engages customers in the new product research and design process, builds their confidence in your results, and gives you pricing insight so you don’t leave money on the table.

Phase 4: Plan new products

4. Plan New Products

The team now has a wealth of customer and competitive data visually displayed in Blueprinter. The Market Satisfaction Gap indicates customer eagerness for each unmet need. The team predicts market response to “what-if” product designs, and uses Blueprinter for new product planning and to create a compelling Business Case… before proceeding into the costly product development stage.

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