New Product Blueprinting
Front-end innovation for B2B organic growth

Dramatically boost new product success with New Product Blueprinting

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Dan Adams, President and founder of The AIM Institute gives you a guided tour through New Product Blueprinting. Learn what it is, how it works, and how to get started in this series of 5 short videos about our new product development process. Each one is about 2 minutes.

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New Product Blueprinting: A revolutionary new process

New Product Blueprinting dramatically boosts new product success … using many innovations for B2B innovation pioneered by The AIM Institute. With Blueprinter training and software, your team will move through four seamless phases of the new product development process before the costly development stage:

  1. Segment Your Markets

    Identify and focus resources on markets that are winnable and worth winning.

  2. Interview Your Customers

    Listen to the voice of the customer and turn their feedback into hard data about customer needs.

  1. Benchmark Your Competitors

    Gauge competitive offerings with your customers’ involvement, and gain valuable data for pricing.

  2. Plan New Products

    Generate a compelling Business Case from the wealth of customer and competitive data gathered.

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Hands-on training methods with thorough follow-up

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There are several training methods involved in New Product Blueprinting. They work together to ensure your entire team has a deep understanding of why and how the new product process works. You’ll learn through:

  1. On-site workshops - We come to you. You’ll work as teams in breakout sessions on real projects.

  2. Web conferences - These monthly 2-hour coached web conferences help teams advance their projects and refine their skills long after initial implementation.

  3. Self-paced online training modules - Learn new skills & tools with TEAM e-MMERSION, personal coaching sessions, job aids and more.

The benefit to your new product development teams is huge, but the cost is small. Your per-person costs will be less than most public seminars!

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Blueprinter® software makes execution easy and efficient

Every workshop participant receives a license for Blueprinter software. You’ll receive Excel-based Blueprinter 4.0 for all 7 Blueprinting steps, and new cloud-enabled Blueprinter 5.0 for Step 2—Discovery interviews. Think of Blueprinter as a toolbox full of advanced, integrated tools. For smaller projects, you may just use one or two tools, but for major new products you’ll probably use them all together. Sometimes called “the lab notebook for marketing professionals,” Blueprinter allows you to store all project information in one place.

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