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We believe future B2B innovation will look nothing like today’s feeble efforts. These white papers and original AIM Institute research reports will put you on the cutting edge… with radical thinking you won’t hear anywhere else.

Catch the Innovation Wave... with the New Science of B2B Customer Insight

In the past, companies used the Quality and Productivity Waves for competitive advantage. But today quality and efficiency improvements just let you “keep up.” In the Innovation Wave, winners will take advantage of their B2B customers’ knowledge, interest, objectivity, and foresight. They’ll use the science of B2B customer insight to understand customer needs at unprecedented levels, during the front-end-of-innovation. This will be the key to blockbuster new products, sustainable organic growth, and “catching the innovation wave.”

To understand how this science works at nine levels—and help your company lead in the Innovation Wave—download the white paper Catch the Innovation Wave.

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Timing is Everything White Paper from The AIM Institute (image)

Timing is Everything: Exposing Deep Flaws in B2B Innovation Today

When most companies ask themselves three “timing questions,” they realize their innovation is terribly supplier-centric. This will change, especially for leading B2B companies. Instead of resolving commercial risk in the product launch phase—when they become certain of success or failure—they’ll build a “Certainty Time Machine” to resolve this risk before they begin product development. They will use B2B-optimized divergent and convergent voice-of-the-customer methods for much of this work.

Tired of testing market needs by launching products at customers? Fed up with squandering R&D resources on products customers might want? It may be “time” to download the white paper, Timing is Everything.

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Innovating in Unfamiliar Markets (AIM White Paper)

Innovating in Unfamiliar Markets: How to De-risk Transformational Projects

When you try to bring innovation to a market that’s new to you… do you face high risks? You don’t have to. You face uncertainty, but this is a very different beast than risk. You can methodically strip away uncertainty and de-risk your project. This is done through a four-step process that combines Discovery-Driven Planning with New Product Blueprinting. With this discipline, your company can pursue bold, transformational projects in unfamiliar markets with great confidence. We’re certain of it.

The more uncertain a project, the better! To see why—and to begin applying FAQS thinking in your company—download the white paper Innovating in Unfamiliar Markets

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Lean Startup: Expanding the Build-Measure-Learn Cycle

The Lean Startup movement can help large corporations become more nimble and fast-moving in their innovation. But if you are a B2B company and fail to make some critical adjustments, you’re in for serious problems. You’ll fail to take advantage of the knowledge, interest and foresight of your B2B customers, which may narrow your design options, increase risk, and actually slow your development process. And if you have a “shallow pool” of companies to test your minimum viable products, you can alienate prospects as well.

The good news is that you can have the best of both worlds: rapid Lean Startup and the science of B2B customer insight. It’s quite easy to do. To learn how, download the white paper, Lean Startup.

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Research Reports

Discovery Interview Research Report: Original research by the AIM Institute on qualitative B2B interviews

Discovery Interview Research Report

Blueprinting Discovery interviews are qualitative, divergent interviews that let you avoid errors of omission (failing to uncover unarticulated customer needs). This research—based on a survey of 397 New Product Blueprinting users from 64 companies covering over 1800 interviews—examines improvements in learners’ interviewing skills, customer reaction to interviews, and insights gained. Spoiler alert: Discovery interviews provided much deeper understanding… and the information gained was both highly valuable and previously unknown.

To see how your company can ensure it understands all your customers’ needs—spoken and unspoken—download Discovery Interview Research Report.

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Preference Interview Research Report: Original research by the AIM Institute on quantitative B2B interviews

Preference Interview Research Report

After Discovery interviews… quantitative, convergent Preference interviews are used to avoid errors of commission (working on the wrong customer needs). Based on 50 Blueprinting projects from 20 companies covering 875 interviews, this report contains rich benchmarking data… including statistics on Market Satisfaction Gaps (a measure of customer eagerness for change). It also reveals an alarming lack of customer insight prior to interviews: 5 out of 6 teams reported interviews had a “great” or “significant” impact on product design.

Learn how your R&D can be confident it is working only on the needs customers truly care about. Download Preference Interview Research Report.

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