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Quick Tips: 8 Criteria for Selecting the Right Blueprinting Project

Almost every week, at least one team leader from one of our clients – located somewhere in the world – reaches out to us to ask the following question: what do you think of this proposed Blueprinting project? They proceed to tell us about the team, the product area, market and application. The next part of the conversation isn’t so much about us answering, but asking a series of key questions. Since we ask them so often, we decided to organize them…and even developed a little worksheet you can download at the end of this article. If you have any questions on these, feel free to ask – but understand we’ll probably ask you more questions in return!

  1. Is the project scope consistent with our strategic intent? Does this opportunity support our vision of what we want our business to become?
  2. Is this an attractive market segment? Is the total addressable market size, growth rate, Porter’s 5 Forces, etc. favorable?
  3. Do we have early indications of unmet needs? Are there market discontinuities, trends or other indications of openness to change?
  4. Do we have strong competencies to win in this market? Are we well-positioned in technology, manufacturing, access to market, etc.?
  5. Will interview set-up be relatively easy? Can we interview existing accounts… or at least companies where we are known?
  6. Is there a natural team of multi-functional resources? Can these people devote a sufficient % of their time to this project now?
  7. Is this an approved project in the business plan? Will this project be done no matter what… and could it be helped with Blueprinting?
  8. Is the project at the proper stage of development? Are there significant resources yet to be expended on this project? Are we unsure that we truly understand market needs if we proceed?

Your answer to the above questions will give you an indication of whether or not you’re on the right track with your Blueprinting project…or maybe the wrong track. To make it easier for you to answer and chart your answers, we made a 1-page worksheet that you can download that visually summarizes your responses.

PowerPoint worksheet