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Does Blueprinting work outside the United States?

The answer is yes, and we know this from experience.  AIM clients report great success using the Blueprinting methodology from Brazil to Brussels and from Mumbai to Melbourne.  Almost anywhere a client sells products or services is a fine place to conduct VOC.  However, we have identified critical adjustments required for success, depending on the region.  Suppliers need to remain flexible and open to fine tuning.  Here are just three possible adjustments:

  1. Try asking for the interview in person.  In some countries, particularly in Asia, it is less common to make customer requests over the phone.  Setting up a VOC meeting could require one or more meetings in advance in order to strengthen the relationship and then make a formal invitation.
  2. Interview in the customer’s preferred language.  Customers need to feel comfortable to open up about their needs.  And, when they do speak, it’s important they have just the right words to express the subtleties of those needs.  Maybe not everyone on your team will speak the customer’s language fluently, but at least the moderator and note-taker should.  Blueprinter® software’s interview sheets can be quickly changed to any one of 9 languages so the projected words during the meeting match the conversation.
  3. Use Projection…or not.  Sometimes, the hesitancy to use a digital projector in Discovery or Preference interviews is greater in the supplier than the customer.  In other words, the apprehension is ours because we predict the customer will feel uncomfortable.  Our advice is always to give it a try.  Most times, suppliers are surprised at how receptive customers are – all across the globe – to displaying notes for all to see. But, once in a while, using the projector is not a good fit.  Perhaps a non-traditional office in Beijing does not lend itself to use of a projector.  Maybe the interview is on a construction site in France.  Whatever the reason, you can take notes by hand – following the same recommended agenda – and then input the notes into the Blueprinter software after the meeting.

We have much more insight on how to make adjustments for international implementation of Blueprinting, including pointers in our Asia Tips article.  If you have any questions regarding B2B VOC in a particular region or country, please contact Dan Adams.