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Front-end innovation for B2B organic growth

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Blueprints for Growth are designed for executives and others who wish to “move minds” in their organization. In just 2 pages, each packs a powerful concept essential for organic growth. Use these to begin conversations in your company that are unsettling—but important.

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  • What is New Product Blueprinting?

    Enormous resources are wasted when companies accept a “fuzzy front end” to new product development. Learn 7 essential front end steps from Market Research to Business Case for developing blockbuster products.

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  • Do You Really Interview Customers?

    Nothing can match skillful customer interviews for developing highly differentiated new products. That's because you'll understand customers' unspoken & unimagined needs while competitors just react to their problems.

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  • Are You a Builder or a Decorator?

    Find out which leadership style best characterizes you: builder, interior decorator, realtor or absentee landlord. Then learn about the most important tools builders employ and how you can begin using them in your business.

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  • Are You Maximizing Your Profits?

    New product blockbusters require 6 conditions... and all must be met to deliver full profit potential. Learn the 4 common failure modes companies usually stumble over... and how to habitually avoid them.

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  • How’s Your Market Segmentation?

    Apply the greatest lesson of war to your business: concentration of force against weakness ... through market segmentation. Learn the 4 rules of market segmentation and how to implement them in your business.

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  • B2B Customer Interviews: Are They Different?

    You can do much better with customer interviews designed specifically for B2B than with traditional voice-of-the-customer approaches. Learn how to take advantage of the 5 differences between B2B and B2C.

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  • New Product Incrementalism and the Death Spiral

    When a company relies on low-risk product “tweaks” it places itself at great risk... of commoditization. But don't count on “Great Hope” projects either: You can lower risk and increase reward when you “get out” more.

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  • Should Your Stage-Gate® Get a No-Go?

    New research won't make you feel good about this long-used product development process. But if you have this process, don't scrap it. Instead, understand its limitations and begin building on your stage-gate foundation.
    Stage-Gate® is a registered trademark of the Product Development Institute.

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  • Seven Mistakes that Stunt Organic Growth

    Most companies want sustainable, profitable organic growth, yet commit 7 mistakes that stunt that growth. Learn which are holding your company back … and begin pulling ahead of your competition.

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