New Product Blueprinting
Front-end innovation for B2B organic growth

New Product Blueprinting: The Handbook for B2B Organic Growth Reviews

Find out why some of the largest B2B companies in the world are using New Product Blueprinting for their product development process. Dan Adams’ New Product Blueprinting: The Handbook for B2B Organic Growth provides clear direction to the fuzzy front-end of product development.

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Having worked in sales all my life, I’ve always known that what sets a company apart is its ability to partner with customers to help them solve their problems. Adams puts a different slant on the process. He starts out by explaining that you don’t try to sell customers your products, nor do you start out by solving their problems for them. (I suspect most of us have been bitten by a prospect that took the solution you developed for them and gave it to someone else to execute…ouch!) Instead, you use a methodical, proven approach to probe customers about their desired outcomes. As Adams writes, “After these outcomes are understood and quantitatively prioritized, there is plenty of time for the supplier to privately develop solutions and build an intellectual property hedge around them.” (I liked that phrase so much I went back and looked it up.) This is a good book for anyone who wants to find good customers, make them happy, and keep them coming back for more.”

Patrick Hendren of SMC Corporation of America

Dan Adams is a pioneer in the product development field. He has managed to take the complex process of product blueprinting and broke it into the simplest concepts. As you work through his book, you will quickly start to see the value of his teachings. If you are in B2B, this is a must read!”

Lev Vayner

Everybody knows you have put the customer first. It has become one of those business clichés, like “cutting edge technology” or “thinking outside the box” or “the customer is always right.” But what does it really mean in terms of product development? How, exactly, do you move beyond lip service (oops, there’s another cliché!) and really put the customer first? Read this book and you’ll know the answer. New Product Blueprinting takes a pretty complicated subject and boils it down to a series of how-tos that are invaluable to any manufacturer who has to make things his customers will want to buy. I highly recommend it.”

Adam Prestwood of Pampco, Inc.

I own a company that makes custom cutting tools for the woodworking and solid surface industries. As such, I am no stranger to innovation. But Dan Adams takes the concept to a whole new level in New Product Blueprinting. He does a brilliant job of explaining how to get inside the customer’s mind and uncover what he or she really wants and needs. Adams lays out a step-by-step interview process that not only sets you up for great product design, it endears you to the prospect or customer. This author recognizes something very important: it’s all about trust. Even if you’re the best company for the job, if you don’t come across as caring and respectful, all the expertise in the world won’t matter. If your livelihood depends on new product development–and in this economy, I think that pretty much covers everyone in the manufacturing world—do yourself a favor and read this book.”

Anthony DeHart of DeHart Tooling Components, Inc.