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Event Review: Blue Belt Certification

This fall, AIM sponsored the very first Blue Belt certification workshop, training a small, elite group of professionals to become better internal coaches and masters of B2B innovation. We could not have been more pleased with the result.  We’re biased, of course, but our participants gave us very high marks and went away from the week-long session with new tools, knowledge, contacts and enthusiasm.

Some highlights of the week included:

  • Preview access and introduction to Blueprinter 5.0, AIM’s latest – and revolutionary – version of Blueprinter software, now with an all-new web-based Discovery section.  You’ll learn more about the official introduction and availability of the software in first quarter 2015.
  • Introduction to many new tools, most of which will be available just for those certified with a Blue Belt.  Some of these include a comprehensive wiki-based Blueprinting knowledge warehouse; a new coach resource center; tips/tricks sheets for forming and managing teams; and much more.
  • Personalized instruction and coaching from a specific AIM Mentor assigned to each attendee, designed to assure optimal learning

If you want to hear more about our April 20-24 Blue Belt training in Cleveland, please visit

And if you’re based in Asia, please mark your calendar for the JuIy 27-31, 2015 Blue Belt course in Shanghai. If you have any questions at all about Blue Belt Certification, please let us know.  We hope you can join us at a future workshop!