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From time to time, AIM likes to share success stories to illustrate how our methodologies are being applied.

Case Study: About "The Ask"

How to Pitch a Discovery Interview in 7 Simple Slides

We’re constantly impressed with what AIM clients actually do with New Product Blueprinting. In coming months, this newsletter will bring you cases where clients did amazing work with core Blueprinting methods… and other cases where they stretched our core methodology to do that which had not been previously imagined. Here’s a case where a client pushed AIM to create a tool which frankly, we should have thought of on our own—but certainly didn’t.

Earlier this summer, a long-time client said to us, “OK… you’ve provided us with lots of tools to request an interview on the phone… but what about help for face-to-face requests?”  Seems obvious… but we had never put together a simple slide deck for our clients to use in this way.

Good news… after nearly ten years of Blueprinting, we developed a PowerPoint deck clients can use to help explain a Discovery Interview and make “The Ask”. You can download this 7-slide presentation—complete with speakers notes—at Blueprinting Discovery – A New B2B Innovation Model. And of course, you can choose to use all or just a few of these slides, adding your own company-specific slides as you wish.

PowerPoint deck

Clients are beginning to use this slide deck and are finding two of the slides particularly useful. Please check out slide #3, which gives a crisp overview of what customers can expect in a Discovery interview. And also take a close look at slide #6, which presents a powerful argument that your customer’s best source of open innovation is probably—wait for it now—you!

Expect to see more examples of clever clients teaching AIM valuable lessons. Each year we meet and work closely with hundreds of bright new minds, and for this we are truly grateful.

If you have questions or would like to hear of additional case studies, please contact us.