New Product Blueprinting
Front-end innovation for B2B organic growth

Apply the Science of B2B Customer Insight ... invented by The AIM Institute

The key to growth-propelling innovation is customer insight. Most B2B companies have no idea how much untapped potential they have.

Leading B2B firms are upending markets with the science called New Product Blueprinting. Want to join them?

Watch these 9-min videos and change your perspective on B2B innovation forever.

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Trusted by many Fortune 500 companies


“Unparalleled tools for giving clarity to the “fuzzy front end”

— Nathan Arbitman


Mike McCalley, GE

“With Blueprinting, the supplier becomes the code-breaker for customer needs…” more

— Mike McCalley

Dow Chemical

Jim Gurnee, Dow Chemical

“Dow Chemical has been using AIM's Blueprinting and LaunchStar processes since 2006…”

— Jim Gurnee