New Product Blueprinting
Front-end innovation for B2B organic growth

7 Resources to help you achieve amazing
B2B organic growth

Whether you’ve engaged AIM for training in Blueprinting or not, please take advantage of these free resources to help you improve product development and boost growth.

1. Book: Read what started the B2B innovation revolution.

New Product Blueprinting (the book) sets forth a thorough and compelling description of New Product Blueprinting (the process). It brings crystal-clarity to the fuzzy front end of B2B product development, with breakthrough methods not found elsewhere. Dan Adams has taught these methods to thousands in many of the world's largest firms, and now brings them to you… with practical steps you can begin implementing when you close this book.

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2. Newsletter: Access thinking not available anywhere else.

AIM’s monthly newsletter is designed for the busy professional. It provides thought leadership and practical tips focused exclusively on organic growth for B2B suppliers... covering topics like:

  • How to stop squandering your product launch budget
  • Why future companies will laugh at today’s B2B innovation
  • Why maximizing shareholder value is a flawed goal

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3. White papers: Shake up stale thinking in your company.

Download free white papers for the most advanced thinking today on B2B organic growth. Want to ensure your company does better in the Innovation Wave than it did in the Quality and Productivity Waves? Interested in eliminating most commercial uncertainty before projects enter the development stage? Want to apply Lean Startup… without making common B2B missteps? These white papers will be your guide.

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4. Articles: The most advanced thinking on B2B innovation.

If the topic relates to B2B organic growth through customer-facing innovation… you’ll probably find an article on it here. And it won’t be a rehash of others’ work. Since 2005, The AIM Institute has been the thought leader on what comes next in B2B innovation. From customer interviews to competitive benchmarking to product launch… you’ll find your B2B-optimized practices here.

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5. E-book: Learn to reinvent voice-of-customer for B2B.

Voice-of-customer (VOC) efforts by most B2B suppliers are based on consumer-goods methods that are totally inappropriate for B2B. This landmark e-book presents 4 Awkward Realities your company faces today… as well as 12 New Rules it can use to dramatically boost customer insights. Just download and read how you can reinvent your VOC, and with it, your ability to out-innovate competitors.

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6. Blog: Marvel at these “Awkward Realities” weekly.

Join Dan Adams each Friday as he challenges today's norms and provides fresh insights on barriers to B2B Innovation. Imagine vaulting 20 years into the future: What B2B innovation practices would seem outdated… and just plain wrong? When you understand these “awkward realities” for what they are, your company can change its mindset and behavior before competitors do.

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7. Executive Briefings: Arm your executives for real change.

These 2-pagers are packed with thought-provoking concepts from Dan Adams that you're not reading anywhere else. All 10 briefings are focused exclusively on the subject of organic B2B growth. Download and share with others to push your organization's comfort zone. For example: Is your leadership style that of a builder, decorator or realtor? (Briefing #3)

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